Photos de randonnées en VTT à Foresthill

23 days ago

I don’t particularly like the parking fee of $10, but it allows the Rec Area to be well maintained. I found the trail to be quite good. The trail was a touch muddy under the trees but not enough to be a problem. We hiked from the eastern trailhead counter-clockwise which seemed to be the better option?!? A bit of a warning for hikers, always keep sensitive to the sounds of mountain bikes coming from your front or back. Then move off the trail ASAP and let them pass. The front rider will frequently tell you how many are coming. The bikes aren’t a problem, just be aware. For lunch we took a short 0.7 mile branch to view the valley south of the loop. Not as much viewing available as I wanted, but a great view to the east valley and river. You can just see the rapids. Very nice. Gettin across the road at the end of the trail, to get back to your car, is a bit treacherous as the cars drive fast around the corner and there isn’t much space to see them coming in either direction. Then run when clear.

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