Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près de Theodore avec des cartes de sentiers et des itinéraires choisis avec soin, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

Theodore, Alabama Map

We hit the Muddy Creek Trail today (01/19/20) right after sunrise and had a great time. The weather was perfect, and the trail is very well maintained. The trail begins in a longleaf forest area, and then alternates between boardwalks over bodies of water (swamps, a pond, and the creek) and dirt walking trails through wooded areas. We saw some deer cross the trail about twenty feet in front of us, which was awesome to see. In the last section of the trail, there are quite a few tree roots you have to walk over, but it's not difficult at all. We had a good time.

Trail is decent length and simple walk for all. Took my kids with me (3, 1) and had no issues except what you would expect from young ones. Beaver pond is nice to see, didn’t spot any beavers out. Bugs were present but mild. There are many beautiful, old oaks to be seen along the trail.

Good hike. Love the board walks! Trail was nicely marked. I hiked this with my husband and dog late afternoon, not crowded at all.

Hiked it right before dark after a hard rain. Very fun for my 11 year old daughter and also brought our dog along. Plan on going back to run it when it dries up.

Great beginner trail. Perfect for obstacle course training. Especially for terrain race adventures as I do myself will be goin a lot more

Great short trail, partial elevated boardwalk. Lots of interesting interpretation signs. Good walk to bring children.

Nice well maintained trail! Mostly shady. Muddy creek and beaver pond were nice. Trail was dry when we went but might be a bit muddy if rains day before. Boardwalk was nice. Was told by someone that it can be slippery when wet. Very enjoyable hike!

Beautiful trail. Easy walking but lots of roots. Trail is very well marked and seems to be a popular trail with dog walkers.

It is an easy trail, difficulties may arise due to heavy roots throughout. it was very dry on our visit. Beaver Pond was more of a puddle. There is some tall grass, wear high socks to avoid ticks, etc.

First time out there, trail was dry, even after a good rain a couple days before. Banana spiders were not bad, but were present. More so on the second half. We did see two water moccasins in the water, while we were on the walkway above the water. We talked with a gentleman while on the trail that walks it daily and says he’s never seen them actually ON the trail, always in the water. He has seen garter and black snakes though, which are harmless. We found a couple painted rocks while on the trail. My husband left his, but I took mine and am going to relocate it on another trail in Mobile. If you find please take a pic and log it on Instagram using #mobrox. Trail markers were present throughout. Very well kept!!! Thank you.

Nice trail. Well kept. Backs up to hunting land so be mindful during hunting seasons.

Very good trail, well kept and very shady. Be carful of the roots. Good 2.3 mole loop. Very nice and peaceful.