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Tallassee, Alabama Map

One of my favorite trails when water is flowing in the creek. With the recent rains there were a few muddy spots that you need to walk around. The route taken in the recording is an easy 3+ mile trek with some elevation. Yellowstone creek was flowing very well today. A very enjoyable hike!

Hiked the Lowline Railroad Trail (Yellow blaze) out and back for a total of 6 miles. Did not add the portion of the White Trail (JBS Trail). Trail was well maintained and clearly marked. Pay attention to trail signs at intersections with White Trail. Beautiful scenery. Peaceful hike. A few steep climbs/descents but otherwise largely flat. A hiking stick would be a good addition to your gear. My Aussie enjoyed the day as well!

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3 months ago

Started at the trailhead to the right of the kiosk. At the first intersection we took a left on the Lowline Railroad trail for about 1.25 miles where the trail intersects the John B. Scott trail. Here we took a left staying on the John B Scott trail following it back to the parking lot. This made a nice 3.5 mile hike. The trail was in good shape. Due to the lack of rain, there is very little water flowing in Yellowstone creek.

This a a great trail. It is very close to our home, so we visit it pretty regularly. There are a couple of steep areas, but it isn't a terribly difficult hike. Be sure to keep an eye out for snakes, we've seen a couple around the rocks.

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3 months ago

Beautiful hike. Best part was I didn’t see a single soul (went 6:30-10 a.m. on a Friday). Took me around 3.5 hours, including stops to journal and drink water. There are 4 benches that are the perfect stopping points! Definitely slippery at some points with all of the pine straw. Towards the end the trail gets a little more confusing, but overall well marked and clear. The spider webs are insanely beautiful — never seen anything like them. That being said, I ran into at least a dozen with my face. I started using a stick out in front of me. You’ll sweat, especially because of Alabama heat, and put in some work here and there, but not a super difficult hike by any means.

This trail is beautiful and very peaceful! Pine straw can be slippery...be careful. Lots of friendly critters from turtles to birds to butterflies. Found little toys placed in strategic locations! LOL Loved the bench alongside the river. Trail blazes are clear and frequent. I will definitely be hiking this trail again and again ❤️

Good trail, lots of shade. Starts off by the river, then through the woods alongside a creek, up to a rocky ridge then back down. Felt like less elevation gain than it was. I slid on some pine needles on one of the downhills - be careful.

Awesome trail, great workout. Great views both in the woods and at the viewing area mid way. Don’t forget to sign notebook when you use the trail. Blazes and signs to keep you on track. Best trail I have been to in Alabama... so far.

Hiked this 2 weekends in a row!! I would rate moderate to difficult. The scenery is beautiful, lots of shade, and benches strategically placed for a nice rest.

Had a great time !

Alaska resident! The Alabama heat don’t play! Beautiful well-maintained trail. However, trail markers get few and far between at times and cause confusion due to heavy traffic areas and cross-over with other trail heads. Would definitely recommend again.

this was my first time hiking this trail. I loved it! Very nice trail. Clearly marked. A little strenuous in the middle, but very doable. It followed a beautiful creek for the majority of the trail which was nice for my canine companion. I will definitely be hiking here again.

Well marked trail that starts off along the Tallapoosa river below the Lake Martin dam then goes inland. Crosses a creek a few times before spending most of the time in the woods. Only second half is moderate.

on John B. Scott Forever Wild Trail

10 months ago

Wonderful trail. We had a 4 year old and a 6 year old who enjoyed the creek crossings. We went up the yellow trail and then headed towards the large river on the white trail. Still about 4 miles but missed the more hilly section.

Lots of shade, and very clearly marked. There are a couple climbs and descents, but most of it is fairly flat. The overlook was nice, with two picnic tables and a few rocks. Ran into a couple people on a Saturday afternoon, but it was refreshingly quiet, for the most part.

Sat Jan 26 2019

Trail is approximately 1-mile and rated as easy. The trail follows along a creek with several water crossings. A good trail for kids.

I believe this is one of the newer CRATA trails. Drove over Thursday from Montgomery for a day hike and some me time. Really enjoyed the trail. Was really relaxing as the trail meandered by the stream. The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association does a great job. The four benches and the picnic table are a great addition. The hills are kind of tiring. Was glad I had a hiking stick on the boulder section. The pine straw was kinda slick. Overall a really nice trail. One of my favorite in the area.

I believe this is one of the newer CRATA trails. Drove over Thursday from Montgomery for a day hike and some me time. Really enjoyed the trail. The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association does a great job. The trail was relaxing when it meandered by the stream. The four benches and picnic table are a nice addition. A good place to rest and enjoy the serene views. The hills are a bit tiring and I'm glad I had a hiking stick coming down the boulder section. The pine straw was a bit slick. Overall a very nice trail. One of my favorite in the area.

Sun Jan 06 2019

This was a great trail. At first it starts out easy and I was thinking it was rated wrong but then...nope. I went in December, not sure about all year but be prepared to get your feet wet. I did get a little perturbed at how many times I had to cross the creek to stay on the trail. Very narrow on spots. Had to walk across a log at one point. But still great

Amazing trail. Beautiful views. Well marked blazes.

Amazing trail. Well blazed. Beautiful views.

I was surprised with this little loop. Needed to get out of Auburn and take the hound for an early October hike near some water so he’d have a place to cool down. The trailhead is easy to find, well marked and just down the way from the Cherokee Ridge trail. The beginning is ok. An easy plod along an old road along the river. Swings uphill some and the dips into the forest. Things are a bit lame on this section as it seems to be an old hillbilly dumping ground. Lots of trash and abandoned refrigerators. Once the trail turns up into the forest things get much, much better. Nice forest stroll along a little brook. Quiet and serene. After a while in along the stream you’ll head uphill through a pine forest and come out to a surprising vista that reminds you Alabama isn’t all that flat. Good place for a sit (there’s some benches and picnic tables). The trail dips back into the forest and winds up some ridges and over hollows. A good hike back to the parking lot. Everything is really well marked. The trail association out here is pretty impressive.

So far , this is a fantastic app! Lot of details, no guess work.

Sat Sep 01 2018

Great trail with beautiful scenery. Easy hike on a hot, humid summer day. Walked with my dog. Watch out for the spiderwebs!

Beautiful trail, well marked and for the most part easy hiking but the last 2 miles are some pretty tough hills ( at least they were for me ) well worth the trip.

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