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Photos de Talapus, Olallie and Pratt Lake

Distance: 10.6 miles Dénivelé: 2,381 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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3 months ago

Great hike past multiple amazing lakes. We only ended up doing Talapus and Olallie lakes which ended up being around 8 miles. Elevation change is gradual over the hike, so it's a pretty easy hike to complete. We saw multiple families and groups with smaller dogs so this trail should be completable by most people. Just a warning that hunters do use the trail as well. We saw a hunter just past Olallie lake (on the north end) so keep an eye out. Both Talapus and Olallie lakes are very clear and beautiful this time of year! The trail was a bit muddy because it had rained a few days before but the temperatures had dropped so low that the mud had frozen over (it is soooo satisfying to walk on icy mud, haha). I would definitely recommend doing this trail, just check the temperatures and dress accordingly because it can get quite cold!

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