Photos de Marmot Lake Trail via Tucquala Meadows

Distance: 17.4 miles Dénivelé: 3,461 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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Tue Sep 04 2018

The trail was in pretty good condition and the hike was good overall. There are a few stream crossings where we read others had to get feet wet to cross, however we found water levels to be low and had no issue getting across with dry feet every time. I would definitely rate this as a difficult hike, at least if you're carrying a full pack to stay at the lake overnight. Bugs were minimal and it was great weather for our hike. Marmot Lake is nice, but things were very crowded (Labor Day Weekend admittedly) and camp sites were hard to come by. We got lucky and found a relatively flat spot behind a log, but others were clearly not so lucky and slept on rocks or any other flat surfaces they could find. I rated this hike with 3 stars mostly because while it was nice, there were no views/lakes/scenery that we found that really blew us away or that we couldn't get with much shorter and easier hikes. Basically, the reward felt a little disappointing for the effort put in. Be forewarned, my Garmin 64s said it was more like right under 20 miles round trip from the trailhead up to the end of/south corner of the lake and back.