Photos de Desolation Peak Trail via Ross Lake

Distance: 7.9 miles Dénivelé: 4,475 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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6 months ago

Did this hike with my 77 year old dad and 7 year old twin boys last week. The trail was amazingly well maintained. I had bug spray but forgot to put it on, and didn’t get a single bite; mosquitoes usually flock to me like ants to a picnic. Word to the wise: pick a number of oz of water that you think is way too high and then double that, and you’ll probably have slightly less than what you need. I cajoled my boys through the forest and meadows (0.5% downhill, 0.5% flat-ish, and 99% steep incline) with a series of bribes, which I later regretted. Because: we came over that final crest of the meadows and saw the lookout off in the distance, and while I darned near broke down in tears, they shouted “LOOKOUT!” and took off SPRINTING up the hill. We were greeted at the lookout by Jim, quite possibly the nicest employee of the NPS ever, and the views and wildflowers were nothing short of spectacular. The boys are already talking about a repeat trip next year...I guess I’d better get my training hikes on.