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Photos de Bridge Creek Trail

Distance: 13.9 miles Dénivelé: 3,648 feet Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B




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6 months ago

After getting permit in Marblemount Saturday morning, three of us started from Bridge Creek trailhead and hiked a little over 13 miles to bridge creek campground. Started hiking at 9:30. Took our time with several short breaks and a couple longer stops and arrived at campground before 5. Next morning we hiked the last five miles along PCT to high bridge ranger station. We actually thought those last five miles were some of the nicest of the hike. Mountain views and a quiet morning at Howard Lake. Took 9:15 bus to Stehekin. Loaded up at bakery. Took noon express ferry from Stehekin to Chelan and had hired a driver to take us back to trailhead. Late lunch in Winthrop on our way. Perfect time of year for this hike. No bugs. Lots of butterflies, wildflowers, and birds. Had campground to ourselves and saw only a few other hiking groups all day. A handful of thru-hikers, some just starting southbound, and some who had flipped. Bridges all in good shape. Only one blow down that was easy enough to climb over. A little overgrown in places but trail is easy to follow. The hike itself is pretty straightforward. It’s the logistics that make this one a challenge. But if you can work those out, great weekend overnight.