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Distance: 3.7 miles Dénivelé: 183 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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4 months ago

I wanted to give this trail a five star rating but there are a few reasons that I will explain after my description of the trail itself. A round trip hike from the Glade Spring parking area to the dead end after the Key Wood Branch - Old Mill Road Trestle was 9.84 miles. I have hiked this trail a few times and biked it once. It's a hidden gem and has potential to be so much more. With that I will explain my reasons for not giving it a five star rating. While the trail itself is in good shape the many rotting railroad ties are an eyesore. The bridges are rotting and need maintenance. Towards the Saltville side of the trail the owners of the set of houses on Santa Cruz Drive and Old Saltworks Road have created a disgusting and pathetic eye sore of broken glass, trash, and litter that has made that area filthy looking and dangerous for foot travel. These people need to be given an order to clean the area between their homes and the trail. I do wish the trail continued on into Saltville without using the main road for a section where the railroad bed was cut out for the new road.