Photos de Lake Summit via Ledge Road

Distance: 1.5 miles Dénivelé: 446 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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9 months ago

This trail (and Athens Done to Bear Hill) is great if you’re looking for a quiet hike on the easy side of moderate. The Athens dome trail is a nice mixture of up, down, and flat. I didn’t cross paths with anyone and it didn’t look like the trail had been traversed by much other than moose. However, it was well marked with white trail markers, which I did have to rely on heavily at times. This isn’t a good hike if you’re looking for it expecting a view. The directions bring you to the end of ledge road. There is a sign that says not parking from November 1st-April 1st. From the end of ledge road, you follow what looks like an ATV road which brings you to a kiosk and the trail head. It looks like once upon a time there was parking near the kiosk, but I don’t think many vehicles would make and I don’t know how sturdy the little bridge is. I would be wary of traveling up ledge rd in winter and early spring as it is basically a steep one car at a time road.