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Photos de Stansbury Front Trail (Full Trail)

Distance: 24.1 miles Dénivelé: 6,213 feet Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B

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randonnée à cheval

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6 months ago

The trail head was easy to get to. I was able to get there in my AWD mini van. There was some wash out on the road but it was easily manageable. There was one car in the parking area. We didn't see another human on the trail. The trail was rocky and a bit tricky at times. We missed a turn and ended up off the Stansbury front trail and on another trail not named. I was glad we did because it was beautiful up at the top complete with a nice spring bubbling up water. A fire passed through here not too long ago and that gave the mountain a different look. It was quiet and the were lots of wild flowers. There were bugs near the top but not the type that bite. We passed some cattle on the way up and were visited by a few early in the morning. I enjoyed this trail.

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