Photos de Kayenta Trail to the Emerald Pools and Zion Lodge [CLOSED]

Distance: 4.3 miles Dénivelé: 1,030 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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vue panoramique

chute d'eau

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11 days ago

Great family hike. Made it with a 4,6,9!year old with no problems at all. Can only go to upper and middle. Lower is closed from the the middle pool down. Upper is above and opened still. It took us 2.5 hours but we did take lots of photos along the way and played in the sand and ate some snacks at the upper pool. The pool was frozen but water was falling from the falls. Most people can make the entire hike. It’s .8 miles to the middle pool and then .3 miles uphill to the upper pool. So only 2.2 miles total. Beautiful views along the trail.

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