Photos de Wolf Creek Trestle via Salmonberry Trail [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY]

Distance: 7.8 miles Dénivelé: 1,036 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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9 months ago

The drive to the trailhead is a bit rough and still has some deep snow. I parked 1.5 miles up and hiked down. As for the trail itself, it’s super easy to find. Unlike the other part of the Salmonberry that I’ve hiked...I found this one to be quite boring. The trestles were cool but definitely a little sketchy. I could hear the boards crunch under my weight. Also, having a flashlight is a huge must! Those tunnels get pitch black. That being said and has a couple huge upsides. It’s the only trail I’ve been on this close to Portland where I saw not a single soul! Absolute freedom. Had my dog off leash, could hear the birds chirp (which is rarer and rarer) and there are some great photo ops. I hope to one day hike the entire rail before they turn it into some easy access bike path and ruin it. Almost forgot...there is some serious hobo activity in the area. Be careful, maybe pack some heat

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