Photos de Shelving Rock and Black Mountain Loop

Distance: 14.2 miles Dénivelé: 3,159 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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6 months ago

Great conditioning hike with plenty of options for alternative routes. We hiked a clockwise loop from Dacy Clearing (Sleeping Beauty Trailhead) to Shelving Rock Mountain carriage road. We passed an equestrian tour group on the way up to Shelving Rock Mountain. Upon reaching the summit of SRM we saw a bald eagle flying north. Be sure to find the viewing ledge below the true summit of SRM. I climbed the tree near the summit to get sweeping views, but the ledge affords much the same view without the tree climbing. Descended the red trail to the Lake Shore Trail where we started to walk along Lake George's eastern shore. Found the trail junction for Fishbrook Pond/Mt. Erebus and ascended the relentless slope to the Mt. Erebus trail junction. Passed over the shoulder of Mt. Erebus before descending to a mass of beaver activity which nearly flooded out the blue trail to Bump Pond. Bypassed the summit of Sleeping Beauty as we were fatigued and it was nearly 6pm. Heard it was hazy anyway. See linked recording for exact route. Note that AllTrails doesn't have many of the trails that the NYS DEC map ( has, but the latter is not georeferenced nor does it include trail marker colors. You will need to be good at orienteering to take full advantage of this extensive trail system. I also used Avenza PDF Adirondack Park map, which is georeferenced, to set up a geofence around the Mt. Erebus trail junction and was alerted when I was within 500 ft of it. Very handy. My hiking partner complained that the strenuous part of the hike as we did it started after 9 miles of easy hiking. Perhaps the loop could be done counterclockwise to avoid this or perhaps starting at Shelving Rock and doing it clockwise would make the slog up from Lake George more pleasant.