Photos de Chino Mesa to Rio Grande

Distance: 2.5 miles Dénivelé: 987 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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Thu Mar 08 2018

This trail should be marked difficult for two main reasons. Firstly getting to the trailhead is almost impossible without a vehicle capable of passing over very rocky and rough sections of the last five miles of the road leading in. We had a Land Rover LR4 with a high clearance and good off-road capability and it was very hard going at times. Secondly the hike down the side of the canyon that leads to the river was extremely steep and very slippery due to loose rocks. Climbing back up was very strenuous and exhausting. Having said all of that, if you can deal with those issues the views were absolutely spectacular, and getting down to the Rio Grand was very rewarding.