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Photos de Peaceful Partners, Bog and Long Path Trail

Distance: 3.8 miles Dénivelé: 95 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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4 months ago

I'm going to start by saying the trails had a bunch of broken glass on them. More so in a few spots. We had to be careful with my dog's paws. My pup is on the large side, so one of us acted as an air traffic controller and the other guided him from behind. It was manageable with a two person, one pup crew. Otherwise, the trails were nice. The bog was a beautiful feature. The pup had fun with the small frogs hopping around the bog. We saw a good number of butterflies. One of the more narrow, overgrown trails was covered with huge spiderwebs. I did a lot of ducking at first, then went to a full naruto run at one point as they were unavoidable in the trail section. It's summer in the woods, so what can you do? One area consisted of mud covered by some wooden planks and 2x4. It was fun to cross. My pup loved the mud and the reemergence of the frogs in this section. The bath afterwards, not so much. At the end of the planks, we ended up at a sign that said we were trespassing on private property. Oops, we read the map wrong. Overall, it was a nice walk with nice features. No mosquitoes bit us and no ticks hitched a ride home with us. I'd give it a 4/5- we thought it was a nice time, but the glass that was all over the place detracted from it. Bear, our brindle pup, gave it a full 5 paws- he loved it.