Photos de North Twin, South Twin, Guyot, West Bond, Bond, Bondcliff, Zealand, and Hale Loop

Distance: 21.7 miles Dénivelé: 7,132 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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5 months ago

So I did about 3/4 of this after getting a late start and erring on the side of caution towards the end of the day. I went over north and south twin and down to west bond - then back up over the twins. A little annoyed with myself for not hitting bond as I didn’t realize just how close I was - I thought it was further than it now looks on the maps. Even still - probably hit bond from the kangamanus side sometime. Gorgeous views at west bond and the alpine zone around Gouyot. I left at 9 am and we got back at 7 pm. Well worth the hike but I am sore.