Photos de Appalachian Trail: White Mountains National Forest

Distance: 89.5 miles Dénivelé: 32,191 feet Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B

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randonnée sac-à-dos
4 months ago

I did 70 miles of this route, starting at mile 22.2 and going to the end, which is from Liberty Springs Trailhead on route 93, to route 2 in Gorham. I did it in 5 days but I would highly recommend giving yourself 6 or 7 days to do the section I did. It was absolutely brutal, just up and down and up and down. Most of the time you are in the alpine zone or above the treeline. There are a few stretches where you might have to make your water supply last 7 or 8 miles, but it wasnt a real issue for me. The AMC huts along the way are a valuable resource for water and food as well. They allow "work for stay", where you can sweep the floors or do dishes and they will give you a meal and let you sleep on the floor. Be careful of the weather, I got caught in a lightening storm above treeline, and an AMC hut saved me big time. Day 1 - Spent the night in Gorham at The Barn Hostel. In the morning I took the hiker shuttle from Gorham Irving Gas Station to Liberty Springs Trailhead. Hiked 12.4 miles, slept in a stealth site just after South Twin Mtn Day 2 - 15.2 miles, slept at a stealth site at the peak of Mt Webster Day 3 - 7.7 miles, got stuck in a bad storm and spent the night at Lakes of the Clouds Hut, just before the climb up Mt Washington Day 4 - 14.5 miles, slept at a stealth site along the creek just after crossing over route 16 from Pinkham Notch Visitor Center Day 5 - 17.5 miles, did the entire stretch from route 16 to route 2 in a day, 12 long hours of non-stop hiking. Spent the night at The Barn Hostel. Awesome place to stay for $25, they will pick you up from the trailhead when you arrive at route 2. Call ahead to ensure they have availability. Paul and Bobby are nice guys. All in all, this is a challenging, strenuous hike. Bring sturdy, durable, comfortable, supportive footwear. When traversing the presidential range, it is NOTHING BUT SHARP BOULDERS. Your feet are going to hurt from walking on the points of boulders for miles upon miles.