Photos de Washoe Vista Forest Road

Distance: 9.0 miles Dénivelé: 1,738 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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7 months ago

The entrance for the trail is a bit down the road from the address listed. - Pretty well maintained trail that is very wide. A bit rocky in places. - Hike is on the easy side of moderate, the uphill is not too steep. - Had beautiful wildflowers throughout, smelled great. - Saw deer, lizards, and lots of butterflies. - Not many hikers. A few mountain bikers. - Some nice views of the lake for the first half, but no views during the second half, which was mainly forest. - Trail ends abruptly with a gate. A bit uneventful. Was hoping there would be a view from the top, but there's not. - No snow or mud when we went.