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Photos de Washoe Lake Wildlife Trail

Distance: 2.2 miles Dénivelé: 26 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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2 months ago

My wife and I were able to hike about 7.5 miles by doubling back and taking spurs of the main loop trail. Be aware that this area is off-limits to walk from February to August or February to mid-July, depending upon which sign is correct, due to migratory birds in the area. However, there is a raised platform quite a ways out from the visitor area where you may view the area year-round. And, you can view the area from the main visitor area as well. Bring binoculars and long lenses if you want to take photos. During the time of the year you can walk, bring a short lens, too, because there are some amazing shots you can get. I was kicking myself for not putting my tripod in its bag and bringing one of my cameras with a short lens. The clouds and mountains were spectacular. We saw eight wild horses and found where they often stay. It was on a spur off the main loop. While quasi-migratory, these horses had spent a lot of time in the area, judging by the effect they have upon the grass and reeds and other variables indicating their frequent visits and stays. There were some mosquitoes even in November. I would advise insect repellent in regular mosquito season and long-sleeved shirts and pants or sweats; definitely not shorts. Later in the day, we passed a duck hunter who set up his gear in a lagoon that still had water in it, so be aware that there may be hunters in the area.