Mount Wright Trail est un sentier allez-retour de 3.8 miles peu fréquenté situé près de Choteau, Montana. Le sentier offre des vues panoramiques et sa difficulté est évaluée comme difficile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la randonnée et l'observation de la nature.

Distance: 3.8 miles Dénivelé: 3,225 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour


activités en pleine nature

vue panoramique

6 months ago

Beautiful weekday, had the trail all to myself. The first 1.5 mile or so is not bad at all. Then when the trail goest north it gets steep, but its not crazy hard, there's just not much in the way of switchbacks. The forest has been logged and burned and unfortunately not much of it appears to be recovering. That said, the constant views and solitude made up for the dead forest (which is only at the bottom, before you go alpine). Also note, there is no sign indicating the trailhead, just a pullout to the left with a gate (looks like the sign got burned). This Alltrails track file is dead on and will lead you right to the trailhead and (almost) along the trail. Also note, the mileage for this trail is one way, so its about 8 miles RT.