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Distance: 6.2 miles Dénivelé: 479 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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convient aux enfants

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couvert de végétation
3 months ago

Hiked the loop today. Total time was about 2.5 hours. The very beginning and end (basically the same areas - within a mile or 1.5 miles of the trailhead) were overgrown but easily distinguishable and easy to follow. The rest of the trail was fine but there are numerous trees down across the trail necessitating slight detours or climbing. There was one wet crossing - the western Big Branch Creek crossing, the remaining crossings were either dry or had stepping stones. Almost the entire trail was muddy due to rain within the past 24 hours but it was not awful. Over all a very enjoyable and scenic hike. I saw no other people but did see a few turtles, deer, and lots of birds. Some of the terrain is quite rugged but nothing impossible. The trail is well marked with yellow diamonds and/or USFS Trail Posts frequently visible. Oh yeah - there were lots of ruts from horse traffic so watch your ankles, but sometimes it helped to see them because in the fields the markers are less frequent. Recommend to wear long pants because of the field areas and the thick grass/wildflowers.