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Distance: 91.9 miles Dénivelé: 1,236 feet Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B

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6 days ago

A friend and I recently hiked about half of this trail in three days. We did 60 miles in those three days, 22 miles the first day, 20 the second and 18 the third. We started at the Rantoul trailhead and ended in Admire. Overall the trail has great scenery and easy terrain. From Rantoul to the beginning outskirts of Osage City, the trail is nicely covered in limestone. Once inside Osage City the trail becomes grassy and eventually turns to basically mulch as they are still in the process of completing the limestone covering and bridge reinstallations. This did not slow our hike down. There is a sign that says trail closed coming out of Osage City, but it is still fine to use as long as there is no construction being done. We did encounter some closures about a mile west of Ottawa. There was a convenient detour that took us about half a mile north then two miles west then another half a mile south to get us back on the trail. In regards to water we each approximately carried a liter and a half and we were able to fill us at a Casey’s General Store as we were passing by or through each town. The only problem we encountered with water is when we came through Vassar. We could not find a convenience store there to refill, but about 7 miles west of Vassar there is a RV park about 60 yards off the trail where we found an outside water spicket. We got lucky with this find because we needed water for dinner and our only other option was to walk 1.6 miles to the nearest gas station. I would advise to use this spicket as it will save time and the water is clean, just be sure to let the spicket run for a bit. All in all, great hike, tough, but still great. Two things I would like to see improve are first many sources state the trail begins in Osawatomie, which it does, but there is no close parking to the trailhead. This is why we started in Rantoul. Secondly, I would like to see the undeveloped parts become more accessible because as a part of the American Discovery Trail, it deserves to have that same reputation as a greatly respected trail.