Photos de Kyle Creek to Arid Peak

Distance: 4.8 miles Dénivelé: 1,079 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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5 months ago

Like others I found it confusing in finding the forest road that leads to the trailhead. Thanks to my Garmin app however I was able to zoom in and figure out where to cross the river. There is a bridge opposite the turnoff for the Hiawatha trail. From Wallace this is about 20 miles down that road that leads to Avery. Once on the west side of the river the TH isn't more than 8 miles or so on a decent gravel road. Signage in Idaho both for forest roads and trailheads is quite poor. The only signs along the trail were two of the exact same thing at the junction where you meet the ridge trail that goes on up to the lookout. And these two signs appeared to be printed on an inkjet printer and inserted in plastic envelopes. Laughable. The hike was very nice and huckleberries were plentiful for the first half mile or so up the trail. There were some fairly steep stretches but nothing too difficult. I logged 1.2 miles to the junction and then another 1.5 to the lookout. Be careful on the way down that you do not overshoot that left turn as there is no signage for that direction of hiking and if you are not paying attention you can go several miles toward Avery. There was no one at the lookout when I reached it and it was actually unlocked so I had my lunch inside out of the wind and sun. The views are very good although many trees have grown since this was built and there is some obstruction in various directions. This looks like a neat place to spend a night or two but you need to either pack in all of your water or hike down a very steep trail about 0.5 mile to a spring and then back up with the heavy containers. I did see bear scat along the trail containing huckleberries but did not encounter any wildlife. Definitely hike this with a firearm.