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Distance: 6.7 miles Dénivelé: 4,330 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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4 months ago

Pros: Challenging, good training trail, close to Clark Fork town, Views of lake from open sections Cons: Trail is poorly maintained, Can be challenging to follow route, Loose rock and dirt in some sections I did this trail in late Sep 2019, on a mixed sunny and cloudy day. After my 3rd attempt in a year to locate the trail head, I finally found it with assistance of a forest service map, and attempted to hike it, however I lost the trail in a thicket of huckleberry bushes around 5,000 feet level, and turned around. (1,000 feet short of top) That said, I enjoyed the challenge of this trail and route finding was easier than I anticipated due to sparse vegetation until I became stuck. The trail is not regularly maintained, though, and precautions are warranted due to sections of loose soil, and steep drop offs in some ridge line sections. The first half of the ascent is relatively exposed to sun and wind, and hikers need to bring their own water supply unless there happens to be snow available to melt. Overall this is a challenging trail that is best for fit hikers looking to build ascending ability and endurance, along with offering an alternative to the neighboring, and much more utilized Scotchman peak route.