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Distance: 3.7 miles Dénivelé: 1,079 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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4 months ago

Mackinaw road up to the trailhead is nothing but a rock pile. I got stuck in my stock JGC by a rock. The Jeep is fine it just took 5 hours of jacking it up to get me out. We “patched” the rocks as we could when we left out hoping to help others heading that way. We got word anyhow there was a stopped Bronco up the road blocking any through traffic so keep that in mind. But if you just stay on rainbow rd and don’t follow your gps to mackinaw rd you should be ok with a JGC like mine. We made it back down Rainbow Rd without problem and didn’t get to our hike destination. And we met the friendliest of folk who helped get me out! Thanks friends!