Photos de Lindenmeir Overlook Trail

Distance: 0.7 miles Dénivelé: 75 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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Sun Jul 01 2018

Like most of our hikes this one started in the morning hours from FOCO. The drive to Soapstone is enjoyable with the best feature being the ability to stop and view the bison herd that is west of the road into area. We got an eyeful albeit with binoculars and continued driving dodging rather large jack rabbits on the road as we went, smiling all the way! Onto the hike … If you’ve done your research you know this is a prairie, all prairie and very beautiful. But not a lick of shade and the temps rise fast. We parked in the lower lot, which was empty. The trail we took, the western arm of the Pronghorn loop, started just north and east of the lot entrance. After a few switchbacks we emerged onto the upper plateau, very grateful for the breath of fresh air after the humidity filled switchbacks. As we hiked we were watched by several male sheep from the east. Why? All the females filled the small depression to their north. Nice to watch as the sun rose behind them. Off we went into the prairie dog community. It’s a flat and fun walk, the dogs are very chatty! We made the turn around the mound and headed off to the Lindenmeier overlook. Arrival! The views are incredible and so is the history behind the area, the reason for the overlook. Had lunch, few pictures at the overlook and then hiked the Towhee Loop. Great plan and my wife spotted a deer resting on the hillside while ascending the western arm. And to her great shock, almost stepped on a snake coming back down the eastern arm. It was just off the trail, did not strike and had round pupils, so that helped regulate the adrenalin, ha. At this point we just followed the same trail back to the lower parking lot. During our hike we did not see many hikers but several groups of bikers. All were friendly, just not abiding by the right-of-way rules. It’s a great hike, take water-lots and we’ll see you on the trail!