Photos de Ella Vita, Hogsback, and Slime Gulch Loop

Distance: 3.3 miles Dénivelé: 931 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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4 months ago

The trail started out benign. when I arrive at the junction for the loop I walked clockwise to do the Steep section ascending and it was quite steep who is drop offs on both sides several hundred feet. arriving at the top there was not much room to move around being the Pinnacle was steep on both sides but the view of the city was complete. The descent for the first two hundred yards or so was sliding down on my butt with small rocks to keep from sliding the whole way. it certainly was a challenge. when I could finally stand and walk again it was all downhill from there until I came to Nell's Hill. I did come across a rattlesnake on the way down that was about three feet in length and how about an arm's length off the trail in the woods. if it hadn't have rattled I never would have seen it. for a 3.3 Loop hike it certainly felt much more than that I suppose because of the steepness. I would rate this more than a moderate only because of the steepness the loose footing and the no footing on the very beginning of the descent.