Photos de Windy Gap to South Mount Hawkins, Mount Islip, and Crystal Lake Loop

Distance: 15.6 miles Dénivelé: 3,940 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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2 months ago

Fantastic and challenging hike. 4 (rather than 5) stars on account of the bugs. And the "lake". BTW, should be "Crystal" (not "Cystal") Lake. That said, with all the bugs (take a bug net! I can't stress this enough), and the algae, and and the murkiness, and the washed up trails around the lake (see "Tip 2" below), this lake definitely has the vibe of a cyst, so the typo is apt. Couple of tips (I went counter clockwise): Tip 1: Once you ascended South Mt. Hawkins, it makes absolutely no sense to hike all the way back to Windy Gap Trail. You lose a ton of elevation which you will have to gain back on your way to mt. Islip, and, well... it's 4 miles you have already completed! A much better option: after about 0.6 miles downhill, turn right (North) to Hawkins Ridge Trail, gain some additional elevation. 2 miles in, turn left (West) at the PCT junction and rejoin the route at the Mt. Islip Trail junction. It adds about a mile overall, but you are well compensated by not going up an down like a YoYo (you do lose some elevation, but not as much). And it also makes it a real loop rather than a "lollipop". Tip 2: The map in the "lake" area is completely outdated. The turn North to the trail that skirts the west bank is pretty much completely washed out. You could, if you really wanted, scramble 30 ft down on an almost vertical washed up trail, but that's a personal choice (and a death wish?). Instead, stick to the trail you can actually see and you'll be fine. It will take you East of the lake all the way to Lost Ridge Trail (they are, in fact, connected. The maps shows them separated for some reason). Once you get to Lost Ridge Trail, you'll note it is not a trail at all. It is a paved rode. This means that the last mile or so, back to the staring point, is on a paved road. Watch for cars! All in, with the lake shenanigans, and the PCT extension, it is 16.5 miles. I also logged 3,950 ft of elevation gain, so the trail description is pretty accurate in this regard. It is, however, a fantastic trail.