Photos de Western States Trail to Manzanita Trail Loop

Distance: 4.4 miles Dénivelé: 666 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

chiens en laisse


activités en pleine nature


course à pied


vue panoramique

chute d'eau

fleurs sauvages

pas d’ombre

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23 days ago

A solid trail. We started at Robbie Point trail, then hike down towards this trail and did this loop. Ended up being about 7 miles but better than driving down to this trail only and having to pay $10 for parking. (Robbie Point was free). Lots to see though. Great views of the hills and the river down below. A waterfall and gorgeous views of some bridges are also there. We got off trail a few times as its not a very well labeled trail at some of the junctions. But it was all good fun. I'd recommend!

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