Photos de Mississippi Lake from Coe HQ

Distance: 23.6 miles Dénivelé: 4,665 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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5 months ago

We did this hike in June. There was plenty of water available along the way. We started off from Coe HQ and went down to China Hole. We then followed the creek east about a mile to meet up with the Willow Ridge trail. The water level was pretty high due to the rains this year and we had to cross the creek 7 or 8 times in just a mile. Once you get to the willow ridge trail it is pretty much straight on a single track trail with lots of poison oak to watch out for. There was plenty of water from the spring in a trough about .3 miles from the Willow ridge campsites. We started the day at 1 pm and ended up getting to Willow Ridge about 8 pm. Willow Ridge was beautiful and had great views of the rolling hills as well as some cover under the trees. Everything up to this point was what I’d rate 5 stars. Nice scenery, good water availability, relatively shaded and a challenging hike. The second day we started off to Mississippi lake around 10 AM. After about 2 miles on the Willow Ridge trail you meet up with the fire road that will haunt you for the next 5-6 miles. There’s absolutely no shade, and the fire road follows the crests of the hills constantly going up and down in elevation. It was around 90 degrees that day and it was absolutely brutal being that exposed. Once you finally reach the lake and there’s a fork in the road where it loops around the lake you want to go RIGHT. There is an outhouse (No TP!) and a clearing in the reeds just down the hill from the outhouse where you can filter water. Be warned that although this is a lake the water tastes like it’s from a scummy pond. We camped about 200 feet past the outhouse on the other side of the dirt dam. We did the return hike ~13 miles the next day. It was even hotter at 95 degrees and we found ourselves cursing the completely exposed fire roads. All in all I gave this 3 stars because the fire roads make it extremely difficult and potentially dangerous to do in hot weather. If you’re planning on doing this hike in the summer time be prepared with heat umbrellas or protective clothing and be aware of the signs of heat stroke. In cooler weather I’d give this 5 stars. Make sure you bring a tick key and bug spray as there are ticks all over in Henry Coe.