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Photos de June Lake Loop Trail to Yost Creek Trail

Distance: 7.8 miles Dénivelé: 1,709 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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5 months ago

As Sierra trails go, this was a little underwhelming comparatively, at least for the first half mile or so, but beautiful nonetheless. There is an elevation gain of 1,000 feet in 1.7 miles, so it is a rather steep beginning. Trail starts off in some scrub against the mountainside, and has great views of Silver Lake. You then wander through a pretty mixed aspen grove and pines for some time before reaching a clearing where you see the ski runs and ski lifts. I did not complete this trail and truth be told, I went off trail and followed the ski runs to just under the peak/ridge of June Mountain before turning back. It’s a good workout with nice views. Wish I had had the time to go all the way to Yost Creek.