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Photos de Granite Dome to Ridge Lake and Iceland Lake

Distance: 24.6 miles Dénivelé: 5,269 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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Thu Nov 09 2017

Hardest aspect...getting to this trailhead!! It’s more of a dear trail. Yo will NOT make it in a normal car. I have AWD and was able to get within 2miles. Had to add that to the hike and it was all steep climbing to get to head. Gorgeous views as you get up to the rocks. The expanse and depth of the gorge is stunning. Great spot for a break. The altitude got to me on the high points. But I think the deeper snow aided in that cardio burn. A massive storm with a winter weather advisory hit wile I was out there and man did it hit. The skies turned black and ominous. I could not make it to Granite Dome...I will be back. Lol. You can see, it’s a scenery rich backpacking experience. Just be ready for extra miles and some Altitude issues...but I’m old... I recommend parking at the easy to get to trailhead of Crabtree. It may be a steeper climb, but at least your car will be safe (safer) and not damaged from the “road”.