Photos de Gilman Peak via Sycamore and North Ridge Trail

Distance: 6.1 miles Dénivelé: 1,217 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle



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1 month ago

First, this loop has nothing to do with Little Canyon. I start at Rim Crest trail head and go east to the small coyote trail at the top of the first hill. Take that trail up and over to Telegraph Cyn Rd and go east to the start of Gilman Trail. Hike up to Gilman Peak and then go East on North Ridge. Follow North Ridge to Four Corners and head up Bovinian. Take the fire road,near the top of Bovinian, to South Ridge and the San Juan Hill trail is right there. Go up and over San Juan hill back to South Ridge and South Ridge back to Rim Crest. UPDATE: Watch for ticks!!! About an hour after I finished this hike, but before I had a chance to shower, I felt something moving across my stomach. It was a small tick, but I got him before he got me. I wasn’t as careful as I usually am because I thought, “Oh, it’s December.” WRONG!! Be careful, there is new grass and they like the grass.

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