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Distance: 4.5 miles Dénivelé: 239 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle


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14 days ago

First and foremost: note that scrambling on this trail is MANDATORY -- you must be comfortable with it or you will not enjoy this trail. This trail is one of Joshua Tree’s best kept secrets. A lot of people are complaining about how hard the trail is to follow, so I’ll explain in basic visual terms what you’ll be doing below. You can always follow the GPS like bible, although it will be cumbersome, and you may get lost if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I will say that I would recommend you at least have the maps with you because you will, at least twice, veer off the trail as the washes aren't the easiest to follow. The gist is that you’re following washes throughout the Wonderland Of Rocks to find your way towards Garrett’s Arch. First, you should start and follow the Wall Street Mill trail for 0.4mi. Take a left when an obvious, heavily trafficked out foot path appears headed towards the rocky formations and some abandoned pink ruins known as the Wonderland Ranch. Follow that for about 100 feet all the way until you’re at said Ruins, and take a moment to check it out. Take a left from those ruins and walk for about 15-25 feet until you see a big open dry wash. You’ll be following washes like these for the majority of the trail. Follow that wash for about 1.3mi until you see the famous Freak Brothers Rocks on your right (you can google this to see what it looks like, but it looks like three giant noses). Once you pass the Freak Brothers, you should see, and subsequently follow another wash that crosses to the right. Follow that headed east for a half mile until you can see the arch on your left. The arch can be hard to see until it is directly north of you. Now that you’ve found the arch, feel free to climb up towards it. Scaling the rockface is do-able without gear, but I would recommend it only for people who have good shoes and a little bit of bouldering experience. You’ll be rewarded with a little cactus garden at the top and a fantastic view of the wonderland of rocks. When you’re done taking that in, find your way back to that wash, and keep following it counterclockwise for about 1,000ft. This next turn is tricky, and I’d recommend following your alltrails map so you don’t pass it. But you’re essentially watching for the next major wash on your right, which you’ll then follow until you clear the rocky formations towards the Wall Street Mill. You’ll know when you’ve made your way out of the wonderland of rocks because you’ll see old mill ruins and a deteriorated early 20th century automobile. That’s the terminus of the Wall Street Mill trail, which you’ll simply follow back towards the trailhead.

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