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Buffalo River Trail: Dillards Ferry to Spring Creek Road

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Buffalo River Trail: Dillards Ferry to Spring Creek Road est un sentier allez-retour de 11.6 miles peu fréquenté situé près de Harriet, Arkansas. Le sentier longe une cascade et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et est accessible toute l'année.

Distance: 11.6 miles Dénivelé: 1,981 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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Hwy 14 south of Yellville, county Rd 99, west to campground on banks of the river.

11 days ago

The distance from Dillard's Ferry to Spring Creek Road is 6.1 miles, not 11.6 miles as noted in the above description. I had to put in a star rating to make this post but I have yet to hike it. The mileage is corrected based on Buffalo River Handbook by K.L. Smith (2018) and examining maps.

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8 months ago

Went mid-April the day after a heavy rainfall. River level was high and streams were swollen, however the streams (there are a few) were still easily crossable. Water levels sank considerably overnight, so there were lower and fewer streams on the hike back. Trail was well marked and definitely moderate. It's mostly level and slight inclines/declines, with a just a few spots where it's steeper. The trail bed varies; some places it's rocky, others spots are dirt and moss. Wildlife we saw: lizards, a turtle (in the middle of the trail!), a turkey, squirrels, deer, and hawks or falcons (not sure which). We also heard howling in the night. Saw a snake skull, but no live ones. As for flora, there's numerous types of trees, including flowering dogwood. At least 5 types of flowers along the trail. Moss, lichen, lots of mushrooms, including death cap and morels. The campsites are primitive, though there is a toilet and hand sanitizer. Each site has a lantern holder, picnic table, fire ring with cooking grate, and enough room for at least 2 tents. Sites are close to each other, but separated by trees so they seem a little more secluded. The river runs close to the sites. There is also a stream nearby. When we went the trail was very lightly traveled; there were only 2 other groups of hikers and 1 other group at the campsite. All in all it was a great weekend and a good hike.

9 months ago

we are a group of 3 experienced hikers with varying fit levels. we hiked out from Dillard's ferry to spring creek camp ground, 6.1 miles to a road that leads you about another mile down hill to a group of primitive campsites with a vaulted toilet. There is a creek nearby for water. when we went April 19th there was only one other site occupied, they drove in. there were a couple sites more secluded than the others, we took one right on the river which was flooded. cool camp site. the hike was cool with the trail going through forest, up and down mountains, on bluffs but not right on the edge and not really narrow anywhere. It had a couple really nice over look areas. There were a couple tough stretches but they weren't very long. overall a moderate hike. We saw a group of large birds a bunch of times pretty close by us but very high over the river, a Turkey, a turtle right on the trail high up the mountain, small roads, small lizards, squirrels, and a deer. pretty cool overall. The way there took us 5 hours. we stopped a lot to look at stuff and once to rest/eat. 4 hours 20 minutes on the way back, less stopping to look and once to eat. The water was high when we came and there was like 5 or 6 creek crossings, nothing hard.

Mon Sep 04 2017

Due to our poor planning/timing we were not able to make it to the primitive camp ground because it started getting dark. So we took a dry creek bed about 100yards to the river and camped along the river at that point. This is a fairly difficult trail due to the elevation changes and very narrow pathway along steep drop offs at certain places. This was a very rewarding hike. The trail and surrounding areas are very scenic.

Tue Sep 13 2016

What a beautiful little camp site. Very secluded and when we went, we were the only ones there. So it felt like we had the place to our selfs. Things to know when camping here- It's primitive camping. No running water (other than the river), no electricity. Each site has a picnic table, a trash/latern pole, and a grill. That's all u need really. But some folks need more than that. The river is right there. About 20 yards from the sites. Beautiful and clean. Keep it that way. There is one porta-potty style bathroom. NO trash cans or dumpsters. You have to burn ur burn-able and/or bring up the road and to a store. Please don't dump your trash on the side of a road like some others have done. Keep this place as natural as u can. No Trace. Leave it like it was when u got there. Keep ARKANSAS Beautiful. My family and I enjoyed this beautiful little slice of the ozarks. Hope you do too!

Thu Dec 06 2012

Very nice campground and trails

Tue May 08 2012

Spring Creek is a nice primitive campground along Buffalo river. It was quiet and pleasant. No fee for camping. It would make a nice base camp for floating the Buffalo.

10 months ago

Sat Nov 04 2017

Mon Mar 26 2012