Photos de Big Creek Cave Falls

Distance: 3.1 miles Dénivelé: 203 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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4 days ago

When we went the water was SUPER high, which meant the waterfalls were amazing but the explorable cave was inaccessible. Be prepared for a few creek crossings, and if there has been some rain, be ready for some wading. Trail is easy to lose but there’s plenty to explore, and when we were there the survey tape still marked the creek crossings further down. We wound up following the creek down past the last cave and it was very beautiful. As others have said, trust your GPS. There are some slippery parts and scrambley parts, but mostly it’s a matter of navigating the creek and whether the water is high or not. If you go dressed/ready for water and thorny underbrush you’re gonna have a blast. Bonus: we went off trail around the cow grate and found a bunch of really old abandoned cars and the ruins of an old homestead. If you have extra time it’s a super fun offshoot trail to explore.

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