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Distance: 16.2 miles Dénivelé: 3,438 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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Sun May 07 2017

We got to the Campaign Creek Trailhead with a Nissan Pathfinder fairly easily. I would not chance a sedan or something less then a suv to the trailhead. A few sandy spots to drive through and one or two rough creek crossings. The trail starts next to the Reavis Mountain School. The first mile of the trail will take you to a junction. To the right is the Reavis Gap trail and to the left is the Campaign Creek Trailhead. Reavis Gap will entail some steep climbing as you make your way to the gap. We choose to go down campaign creek and return very the gap. The campaign creek portion of the trail is easy going and fairly flat. The hard part is walking over creek bed rocks which can be a pain for some, will slow you down a little, and requires fairly easy route finding. It's about four and a half miles to the junction with the Fire Line Trail. At the junction is a nice camp spot underneath a grove of Ponderosa Pine. The Fire Line trail is exposed along the climb to the top. It runs for bewteen three and four miles to the junction with the Reavis Ranch Trail. Take a right at the junction to complete the loop. The next mile meanders along easy meadow and passes the Reavis Ranch site. After a mile from the last junction is another junction. To the left is Ranch Trail through the Reavis Valley and to the right is the Reavis Gap Trail. Take the right branch to complete the loop. The Reavis Gap Trail runs about three and a half miles until yet another junction. The left will lead you along Two Bar Ridge while the right will return you to the junction with Campaign Creek and back on to the start of the trail. Water was running along Campaign creek in later March of 2017. There are several seasonal springs along the loop. The vistas are so so along the way. The isolation is grand particularly along the campaign creek portion of the loop. That portion is a touch overgrown in spots, though easily managed.