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Photos de Pete Mountain Waterfall

Distance: 3.2 miles Dénivelé: 790 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour


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chute d'eau

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Tue Apr 04 2017

I did this hike a while back as I could see the waterfall running from my house, which is about 8 miles away as the crow fly's. This is a seasonal falls, which only runs after a good rain or lots of winter snow melt. This would be the only time it's worth going in here too, as the off trail section is kinda rough. You start by driving down the Proctor road in Madera Canyon about 1.6 miles and there will be a place to park on your right. We parked there and began to walk. There is an old road that you will follow first as you head towards the mountains. We walked the road for about .6 miles and then broke away towards the ridge to the south of the road. I picked the path of least resistance so to speak, in an effort to get to a place where you would have a nice view of the falls on the other side of that ridge. This is the stretch that is a little difficult and not for everyone. I also listed the dates to hike as winter months, as I would not want to be out here in the heat of summer, whether the falls were running or not. I also listed it as difficult due to the cross country section. The first part on the road is as easy as it gets. Once you round the ridge top, the falls will come into view and are worth seeing when they have a good run off happening. We sat on the south facing slope and took in the view for a while before returning the same way. There had been a pretty heavy snow fall prior and that's what produced the run off. This is for the adventurous type, and you can see this falls with binoculars from Green Valley, so scope it out first to see if it's running before trekking in here.