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Photos de Quillen Creek Trail

Distance: 4.9 miles Dénivelé: 482 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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9 days ago

The most fun I’ve had on a trail. The trail was there for about a half a mile and then I checked my all trails map and we missed the left turn because there was no trail, it’s very overgrown it was muddy and slick down by the river. Just know that the trail goes right next to the river and at the point where you turn to go back towards the beginning it follows the creek. Then the last 1/2 mile is the road. It was awesome way finding and some stretches were sketchy, walking on rock ledges covered with wet moss with a 20’ drop off. We saw probably a dozen waterfalls and lots of rock formations. It reminded me of Colorado. Glad i didn’t read the reviews and that we hiked it. Awesome adventure.

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