Skåneleden Trail: Vejbystrand to Ängelholm


Skåneleden Trail: Vejbystrand to Ängelholm est un sentier de point à point de 16.4 kilomètres situé près de Förslöv, Skåne en Suède. Le sentier vous offrira la possibilité d'observer la faune et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 16.4 km Dénivelé: 100 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B


activités en pleine nature



course à pied


vue panoramique


At the harbor of Vejbystrand there are reefs with a vibrant bird life. Between Vejbystrand and Magnarp you go over a heath with a drive, a Vresros and a single ride. The walk through the Skepparkroken offers a cultural environment and in Skälderviken there is a marina with several hundred boats. Here you come across nice rest areas with a view all the way to Kullaberg. Stroll along Rönne River, rich in salmon and sea trout, and challenge the sand dunes of the beach - the dunes. Finally, you step into the hiking area Kronoskogen. Here are exciting coastal dunes that have been brought here by sea and wind, but also militarily straight dunes created by the braiding action to prevent flying sand. Closer to the sea you will find hot pine trees and shrubbery, inland there are coniferous forests with a knee joint and plenty of mushrooms. The most exclusive inhabitants are field pipelines, sea urchins and beehives. Vejbystrand is the fishing village that became a health resort and received the country's first coastal sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. At the height of the coast lies a pearl band of bronze age grave mounds and at the Utsiktsvägen there are the Bökehögarna to visit. Here you will also find a wide view. The old road winds its way through the Skepparkroken and you walk past old captain's yards and street houses. The hook belonged to the estate Ängeltofta and from the harbor large loads of grain and iron plows were shipped. In Skälderviken you pass the memorial of the men who built the harbor. The one who had boots was paid by 60 öre / day while they received 50 öre. The cannon you see was previously stuck in the pier, the rear was used to moor boats in. East of Rönne to find Luntertun's church garden. Once medieval town and marketplace for salmon and herring. Luntertun's successor is the town of Ängelholm.

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