Skåneleden Trail: Kärnan to Rydebäck


Skåneleden Trail: Kärnan to Rydebäck est un sentier de point à point de 16.1 kilomètres situé près de Rydebäck, Skåne en Suède. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 16.1 km Dénivelé: 193 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B


activités en pleine nature


course à pied



vue panoramique


This trail goes from Kärnan and through Slottshagen, a turn-of-the-century park with exotic trees and views of the sound. On the pedestrian and cycle path you pass Möllebacken and through the park at Konsul Persson's villa. This is where large names are growing in quantity. Along the roads you reach the ravine Jordbodalen. Follow the stream with several small bridges and waterfalls and continue on walking and cycling paths towards Ramlösa brunnspark. Here you walk through another ravine with forest park and stream. A bit south you pass Ättekullas meadows, pastures and forests with white willows and lily of the valley. You go further down in the deep valley of Råån and can untanise among unusual plants, fish and animals. The river is, from a geological perspective, very young. It found its way when the ice sheet left Skåne and Glumslöv's sandy slopes lay in its path. The town is sparse and soon Örby meadows are at your feet, elongated sandy beach and artificial truth. There are over 400 plants, 300 fungi and many birds and insects. The castle tower core began to be built in the 1310s and was part of a larger fortification. Around the tower was mantle wall, ring wall and moat. Helsingborg is rich in interesting buildings, where the 1600-1700s houses Jacob Hansens, Henchelska farm and Gamlegård are a few. In the park at Konsul Persson's villa you will find a coffee grotto, a bersa delimited with a stone wall. Coffee caves were formerly common throughout the country castle slope. Helsingborgs Mariakyrka was built in the 15th century but the sandstone blocks at the base reveal that there has been a church already in the 12th century. In Ramlösa brunnspark there are beautiful buildings from the time the society drank the health water. The provincial doctor described the source as "a true godly gift" and inaugurated the well drinking 1707. Earlier, Ramlösaskogen was a haunt of robbers. At Ättekulla you pass burial mounds from the Bronze and Iron Age.

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