Semsvann Rundt est un sentier en boucle de 5.5 kilomètres situé près de Asker, Comté d'Akershus en Norvège. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 5.5 km Dénivelé: 119 m Type d'itinéraire: Boucle


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To the east and west of the Semsvann's blue mirror, steep mountainsides plunge down. They go straight over into soft rolling pastures. On the east and north side of the water is a unique collection of homestead places. The contrasts create this beautiful and distinctive natural and cultural landscape. In 1992, Semsvannet and the landscape north and south of the water received status as a landscape protection area due to the geology, plant and animal life and cultural history. When the Askerbøringen were to choose their millennium before the year 2000, the election fell easily - that was the Semsvann area. Within the landscape conservation area, a total of 420 different plant species have been registered. At Ormodden one of Norway's largest seal trees is growing. Edelwood forests and breed scars under Skaugumsåsen and Bergsåsen provide too many birds, among other things. singers, owls and spokes. In the water, perch, pike and roach are most common, but you can also find trout, char, suture and eel. The pastures around Semsvannet are used by cattle from Skaugum and horses from Tveiter and Berg. Such pastures have become rare to see in lower parts of Eastern Norway. Do not damage the fences and close all the gates! Until 1500, Skogheim (Skaugum) was the name of Askerbygda, while the church net was called Asker. Passing by Skaugum and Semsvannet, several traffic routes went north and south west. Defense facilities from pre-Christian time around Semsvannet (Vindkovan, Djupedalsåsen and Skaugumsåsen) emphasize how central the area was. Øvre Sem is characterized by the time with agricultural school from 1890 and then the Norwegian State Educational School 1915-1963. Now Sem Gjestegård and the foundation NaKuHel (nature-culture health) belong to the buildings. In "Smia", tourists can meet over a coffee cup and something to bite in. In Svartdalen there is a hatchery that Asker Hunter and Fisheries Association runs. Up the hill and at Tømmervika are large boulders, fine for climbing and hide and seek. Tveiterfossen is the finest waterfall in Asker. Behind the waterfall, it is possible to walk if the water flow is too large - really exciting! The tour goes to Tveiter with dining in Bryggerhuset. Home from Tveiter you can walk the road further around the water, but for children it is probably so nice to go back the road you came. Facts Where: Sem in Asker. Starting point exit parking furthest east of the Sem area, between Semsveien 180 and 191 How to get there: · Public transport: Bus 706 from Asker st. or Sandvika / Holmen, stop Grana · By car / bike: Drive Semsveien to the starting point. You can carry the bike around the water. Tour length: 5.7 km km round trip Sem-Tveiter or 5.3 km around Semsvannet. If you have a canoe, it is nice to use it at Semsvannet and go ashore at Ormodden NaKuHel is the gateway for recreational routes.

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