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Sandvika til Bærums Verk est un sentier de point à point de 8.0 kilomètres situé près de Sandvika, Comté d'Akershus en Norvège. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 8.0 km Dénivelé: 187 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B


activités en pleine nature


course à pied


voie partiellement aménagée


Long trip with a lot of climb! The trip goes from the urban Sandvika in the south, along Sandvikselva and the river Lomma, up to Bærums Verk which is in the heart of the municipality. Bærums Verk is a modern trading place in a historic environment with 50 shops, galleries, museums and a sculpture park. The trip is approx. 8 km without detours. You start at the main entrance to Sandvika Storsenter in Claude Monets Allé and take the road to the north-east, over Sandvikselva. Turn left at Løkketangen and cross over Elias Smith's road. From here there is a pleasant walking and cycling path through Løkkehaven and over old Løkke bridge. The old wooden houses are preserved as a memory of the wooden town of Sandvika. They originally stood elsewhere in Sandvika. Old Løkke bridge is made on Bærums Verk in 1829 and is Norway's first cast iron bridge. Cycle past Sandvika Vgs (have the school on your right) and over Sandvikselva on the bridge which is part of the entrance to the former Hamang paper factory area - now the industrial park / shops. Immediately after the bridge, turn left and follow Sandvikselva, until you reach another bridge. Cross the river and turn right through the boom and the bear farms. Up to the left at the beginning of Bjørnegårdsvingene is Bjørnegård psychosocial center in an old venerable farm from the 1860s. The farmhouse was in the late 1800s. There lived the painter Claude Monet during his visit to Bærum (1895). After Bjørnegård you cross the river and bicycles on the right side along the Franzefoss road, past the former quarry to Franzefoss Bruk and Kalkmølla cultural station. The mill was completed in 1919, and belonged to Franzefoss. Today it serves as a cultural station with offers of concerts, lectures and the like. At Kalkmølla there is a favorite fishing spot. The Sandvik watercourse has great value as a migratory corridor and a place for birds and wildlife. Maybe you see the waterfall at your walk? In the spring, you can also see the yellowish flower in the edge zone of the river. It is Bærum's local flower. The cycle route again crosses the river just before the road up to Emma Hjorth, further you cycle on the left side of the road to the traffic light where Skuiveien meets Bærumsveien. Follow Skuiveien past Kirkerudbakken ski center. On the right side of the road right at the clubhouse of Bærum Ski Club there is a paved hiking trail north towards Kolsås and Bærums Verk. This road is to the right just after the Esso station on the same side and marked with a walkway. 'Follow the hiking trail and turn right under the Ringeriksveien E-16 and over the river. Follow the path and you get Wøyen mill on your right. Turn left where the trail ends and continue past the Glassverket school. Follow the road up to the main road. From here you can take a detour to Wøyen farm which is Bærum's largest farm. The four oldest buildings are probably from the 1650s. When you want to continue towards Bærums Verk you cycle right along Gamle Lommedalsvei on the right. At the roundabout at the crossroads of the Ekrivien / Brynsveien road, take the right, still along Gamle Lommedalsvei, now on the left. On the left hand side is Bryn church, a long church from 1861. You ride a bike path that runs parallel to Gamle Lommedalsvei. You cross the Stigerbakken and turn right down the road Langvari. Then turn left again. After Langleiken is crossed, you will soon meet "new" Lommedalsvei. Here you can take a detour down the path to the right, marked walkway, to Spikerfallet which is an old power station. You cycle again along the Lommedalsveien on the left, now with the Glitredammen down to the right, along the route you see several housekeeper places which were previously under the farm Bærums Verk. You pass the gate with the avenue into the farm just before crossing the river Lomma. To the left you see Gommerudfjellet and Eineåsen. ¨ Continue on the left side of Lommedalsveien, past the pottery workshop / outlet. Take down to Verksgata. There you will find the old homes of Bærums Verk where today there are various outlets. Here is also a sculpture park, including sculptures by Per Ung. After once again crossing Lomma, you are immediately at the destination - Baker Hansen who has a lot of good to offer the hungry - and maybe tired cyclist.

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