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Ameide naar Vianen pad est un sentier de point à point de 19.0 kilomètres situé près de Ameide, Hollande-Méridionale en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la randonnée et la marche.

Distance: 19.0 km Dénivelé: 197 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B




vue panoramique

site historique

This walk focuses mainly on the Achthoven polder, which is bordered by the Zouwe, the Lek, the Lakerveld polder and the village of Lexmond. You start in Ameide (they say Termei themselves there). It is a town in the Alblasserwaard which increased in importance after the closure of the Rhine (1122) and the Hollandse IJssel (1285). There is a beautiful town hall and the Hoogheemraadschap building is also beautiful. Walk from Ameide via Sluis, where the water from the basin was pumped into the Lek, over the summer dike of the Achthovense worth. You walk wildly here to the Kersbergse Veer. That spring is no longer there, now a lot road (Polderweg) runs directly into the polder. Staatsbosbeheer manages the domain here and ensures that the unique scenic landscape is preserved. We arrive in the Zouweboezem. It has been around since 1370. Such a bosom was necessary, because it was impossible to get the water into the Lek at once. Achthoven is low. YOU walk across the Zederikkade to the Vlietmolen. It is a seesaw water mill that was supposed to keep the Lakerveld polder empty. After a fire in 1997, the mill has been completely restored and is doing it again. From the mill walk across the beautiful Molenkade towards Lexmond, my native village. In the 13th century the village was moved a little, which makes sense because all the water had to find its way to the sea via the Lek, now that the Rhine and IJssel no longer did that. Lexmond used to have around 2000 inhabitants, now that number already exceeds 3000. The village has expanded considerably. Of the stores that I knew from my youth, there are a few left: After 60 years, Bakkerij Van Dijk and Slagerij Molenaar still exist and that is really nice. In order to get the dikes to the right height, it was decided to construct a new dyke behind the existing dyke with its houses, while the floodplains at the ports were also redesigned. The townscape has been well preserved. We walk through the Kortenhoevense dijk Lexmond to Vianen. From the dike the view is beautiful over the floodplains and the old Lek bridge.

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