Ameide naar Streefkerk est un sentier de point à point de 20.4 kilomètres situé près de Ameide, Hollande-Méridionale en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 20.4 km Dénivelé: 201 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B




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About dikes and tidal roads. Start in Ameide, where you immediately sail to Lopik's side. Once on the dike you have a beautiful view of the town of Alblasserwaard. Immediately across the street you can walk below the dikes and that is pleasant walking. After the drainage channel it becomes even more beautiful, because then you can enter Lopik floodplains by following the detour Lopik. On the other side you will see Tienhoven with its campsite. Once on the dike, pass a guardhouse post and a gauge house (19th century). The poles marked the guard houses where the dyke keeper lived, who had to take measures in times of high water: He read the water level in the house and sounded the alarm bell in Jaarsveld if the water got too high. All men had to turn up and report to the house at the guardhouse post, where a lantern was set up. So it was a kind of old-fashioned flash mob. And remember that it worked quickly. Leave the dike for a real tiendweg, it runs from Lopik to Willige Langerak, a village that lies in Utrecht, but whose core is in Schoonhoven. Tiendwegen are always about a kilometer parallel to the dike and between two large ditches. They originated on peat quays during the peat reclamations between 1100 and 1500. There are still around 55 and they are all along the Lek or the Hollandse IJssel. Cross at Schoonhoven (beautiful silver town) to walk to Nieuwpoort. With Schoonhoven the border with Utrecht was monitored here and later the Dutch water line was arranged. The nice thing is that the town hall is built above the sluice gates. Well defensible against the farmers who had the plague if their land was flooded. Nieuwpoort is very small, but its city walls are still fully intact. The cemetery is inside the ramparts and is located on the old bastion. From Nieuwpoort walk along a busy provincial road to Groot-Ammers, but then on the old and unpaved tiendweg! It is bizarre of course to walk past the industry and that road, but it is beautiful! Groot-Ammers is also such an old village where a large castle stood in the 11th century. The basin area was dug here in the 14th century to drain the high water to the Lek. Groot-Ammers is famous for its Liesvelt colony. Around 1970 the storks were in poor condition. Thanks to this initiative, the beautiful animals are now doing very well again. It is typically a Dutch tradition that the stork is the carrier of babies. That is because the bird always nests on chimneys (now that are wagon wheels on stilts). In Groot-Ammers, just like in Lexmond, an extra dike has been constructed so as not to have to demolish the houses outside the dykes. After Groot-Ammers walk again on a Tiendweg to the Bergvoetseveer near Streefkerk, an experimental village, where polio can still take her chance.

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