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Zuid-Kennemerland Rondvaart

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Zuid-Kennemerland Rondvaart est un sentier en boucle de 24.0 kilomètres peu fréquenté situé près de Santpoort-Noord, North Holland en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 24.0 km Dénivelé: 230 m Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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The Zuid-Kennermerlandse dunes lie between Zandvoort and IJmuiden. A nature reserve that is more than twice as large as Texel. You walk straight through the drifting dunes where you can unexpectedly come face to face with Scottish Highlanders, Polish Konik horses, Shetlanders, deer or a fallow deer. Keep your distance and enjoy yourself is the advice. The route leads right past the dune 'The Bride of Haarlem'. She walks with you very slowly, because on average this parabolic dune (parabolic dune formation occurs due to the spraying of existing dunes) travels five meters a year. Forester Jowien van der Vegte knows every tree in National Park Zuid Kennemerland. 'Please do not forget to mention that dogs are not allowed in some parts of the park. And that you walk through one of the most significant areas of the Netherlands. But of course also that you can have a great walk there. ' Not a word of lying: walking is fantastic. TOWARDS Santpoort-Noord (the start of the walk) is approximately 75 kilometers from Utrecht. HORECA At the beginning you walk past Hoeve Duin and Kruidberg (only open in the summer months). Halfway along the route you walk past Parnassia, a self-service restaurant on the beach (open all year). At about three-quarters you pass the park's visitor center with Duincafé de Zandwaaier (open all year, not on Mondays).

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