Zorgvlied Walk est un sentier de point à point de 8.5 kilomètres situé près de Amsterdam, North Holland en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la marche.

Distance: 8.5 km Dénivelé: 129 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B


voie aménagée


vue panoramique

fleurs sauvages


parcours urbain

site historique



What do Harry Mulisch, Annie MG Schmidt, Herman Brood, Oscar Carré, Ramses Shaffi, Jan Hein Donner and Willem Endstra have in common? They are all buried at Zorgvlied, along with many more celebrities. What Père-Lachaise is for Paris is Zorgvlied for Amsterdam. This green route takes you from the Amstel station via the Martin Luther Kingpark to the Zorgvlied cemetery and from there through the Amstelpark to RAI Station. From the Amstel station you walk to the Vrijheidslaan. Before the second world war this avenue was called Amstellaan. In 1945 she was renamed Stalinlaan, just like there is a Rooseveltlaan and Churchilllaan. All three are named after rulers of countries where the war liberators lived. After the invasion of Hungary, Stalinlaan became Vrijheidslaan. You have a view of the second high-rise apartment building that was built on the European mainland in the early 1930s. In Amsterdam the flat is known as the Skyscraper. When you reach the end of the Kromme Mijdrechtstraat, you will see the Rembrandt tower in front of you. This is currently, in 2012, the highest tower in Amsterdam and measures almost 150m. More than 3x as high as the paltry 48m of the Skyscraper. At the Kromme-Mijdrechtstraat you walk along the tram depot Lekstraat from 1927. The walk over the Zorgvlied cemetery leads you to graves that are on the list of monuments and graves of famous Dutchmen. Because this route section cannot do without a detailed description, you can better get it at the entrance or look at the route description. From the opening, the cemetery quickly acquired the status of an elite cemetery. Zorgvlied is a particularly atmospheric cemetery, an "oasis for the soul". The beautiful nature has fully blossomed in the last century. Some burial monuments, the auditorium and the office villa are monumental. At the reception of the Zorgvlied office, the book "Walking over Zorgvlied" is for sale at € 22.50. The authors Marcel Bergen and Irma Clement tell about 140 years of history of this historic cemetery. They also provide guided tours of the cemetery. At the reception of the office is an information column, where you can request a few circular walks and print it out. The white villa used to be the still-digger house and is, as well as the entrance gates, on the monument list. You leave the cemetery again via the entrance gate and walk along the Amstel to Amstelpark. The name of the park was established in 1971 and the park was constructed for the Floriade of 1972. After the Floriade closed, a beautiful park remained, in which a large part of the facilities that were installed for the event remained. These include the Amstel train (a narrow-gauge train), a maze and a rosarium. The walk ends at Amsterdam RAI station.

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