Noordpolderzijl naar Lauwersoog est un sentier de point à point de 25.6 kilomètres situé près de Usquert, Groningue en Pays-Bas. Le sentier vous présentera des fleurs sauvages et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 25.6 km Dénivelé: 77 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B




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fleurs sauvages


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The Noorderdijk. A long route to walk on a tight 20 km along the dike. The landscapes vary and you can constantly choose how you want to go over the dike. The Wadden Sea alternates with its birds and the many streams that cleave through the salt marshes, the landside alternates with nature reserves, the many types of crops and sometimes there is a work of art on display. But of course it remains a long way. The Noordpolder is a 200-year-old wadden polder. It is a reclaimed salt marsh area, of which the drains at Noordpolderzijl (where you start) form the center. When the dike was not yet there, there were a few farms that were built on wierden. Of those wierden, by the way, little was left when it was discovered that the grounds became more fertile when mixed with wierden soil. At the end of the long dike there is a military shooting range on the wad side. These sites continue on the west side of the dike and that is exactly the area that you have to go through. It means that you have to struggle through loose sandy paths to get to the Marnewaard, which in itself is also a training ground, but where now a beautiful path runs to the east bank of the Lauwerszee. There is even a military training village called Marnehuizen here. Here our commandos practice fighting urban guerrilla, they don't have to go abroad for that.

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