Bourtange naar Nieuwe Schans est un sentier de point à point de 25.4 kilomètres situé près de Bourtange, Groningue en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la randonnée et la marche.

Distance: 25.4 km Dénivelé: 114 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B




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It is striking how rich the Groningen is in this area. The grounds are fertile (sand and clay), there are beautiful villages and especially defenses, of which Bourtange (the tange was an old dirt road), where you start, is the most important (see route 168). An annual reconstruction battle takes place in Bourtange, which is called: re-enactment event. A kind of tin soldiers fuss, but then with real people and a gun roar without victims. Bourtange was completely isolated at the time, because it was in the middle of the swamps, so you will also find nurseries, the oldest "new Protestant" church in Groningen and a synagogue. From Bourtange, walk diagonally back to the German border and pass the village of Rhederbrug on the border, there is nothing to do. This does not apply to Bellingwolde. It is a 4 km long village, which lies on a sand ridge and once bordered on the Bourtanger marshes. Because Bellingwolde is located in the Dollard delta, the clay soil was used for grain cultivation here. Very rich farmers lived here in the 19th century, because grain was gold (pass the flour mill). Because East Groningen also experienced a lot of poverty in the peat areas, violent conflicts between rich and poor often occurred here. Walk here along the United Channel, which connects Ruiten Aa with the Dollard. It is now for pleasure boating. Dutch gauge dike is located on this canal. It is a dyke full of sensors that must check if it is too dry, too wet, too high or too low. You can't come there. Continue to the Ham. Here too stately farms and a defensive dike: Hamdijk. It used to be the dyke for the Dollard and later a defense. Together with the Boonenschans, the Oude and the Nieuwe Schans, he was used for the defense. It has never become a real fortress like Bourtange. The Hamdijk sometimes broke through during a storm, creating gullies. You can still find this in the redesigned Bos op Houwingaham. Some farmers disagree, but it is good for tourism, because you are naturally in a corner of the kingdom. (Bad) Nieuweschans is the place where you end. It used to be on the Dollard and was expanded into a defense village during the 80-year war. It was therefore a counterpart of Bourtange. Due to silting it lost its function after 1882, the walls and walls were demolished and the canals filled in. Here too, people are trying to reconstruct things again, while warm water has been found at a depth of 630 meters. You pump that up and you rename your place in Bad Nieuweschans. That attracts Germans. The head guard is a striking house with a tower on it. It served until the 19th century.

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