Wildenborgh Walk est un sentier en boucle de 20.3 kilomètres situé près de Ruurlo, Gueldre en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 20.3 km Dénivelé: 151 m Type d'itinéraire: Boucle




voie partiellement aménagée


vue panoramique

fleurs sauvages


site historique

This route is mainly on paved roads from Ruurlo station to Wildenborgh country estate. Already in 1372 mention is made of the Wildenborch (castle in the wild swamp area). The castle is then in the hands of robber knight Sweder Rodebaert van Wisch. The lords of Wisch are among the most important nobles of the old duchy of Gelre. The castle remains in the hands of the Wisch family until the 16th century. After a number of inheritances, the estate is sold to the Westphalian nobleman Frederik van Heijden. After his death, the Wildenborch is increasingly falling into disrepair, until ultimately only the gatehouse remains. In 1757 it is sold publicly to the Soiron brothers from Maastricht, who are mainly aiming for the (cutting of) 5,000 oak trees. The estate that they have cut down is sold in 1768 to Colonel van Limburg Stirum. He died in 1776. In 1780, the Wildenborch, with an area of approximately 300 ha, came into the hands of the Staring family. The castle - or what is left of it - is purchased by DH Staring, father of the later famous poet ACW Staring. Among the Starings and their heirs, the Wildenborch is facing better times. Until 1907, the Wildenborch, as a whole, remains in the hands of (descendants of) the Staring family auctioned. One of the great-grandchildren of the poet, Mr. EREBrants, who, after his mother's death, acquired the castle with 50 ha, buys back the remaining old trees around the house. After his death in 1924, the sale finally took place. In 1931, when the castle was in danger of disappearing, the Wildenborch, with its park and small forest, was purchased by the art historian Mr. A. Staring (great-grandson of the poet) and his wife JHM de Mol van Otterloo. A. Staring, Ir. DMW Staring and his wife, EM Valken live on the Wildenborch. They died on the Wildenborch in resp. 2005 and 2003. In 1976 it was decided, with a view to securing the future, to place house and land in a (family) foundation: Stichting de Wildenborch. Since 2005, the Wildenborch, currently consisting of approximately 21 ha., Has been inhabited by a daughter and son-in-law of Ir. DMW Staring: Jennine and Evert-Kees from the Plassche-Staring.

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